Southern comfort food: biscuits and gravy

What could be better than making breakfast on a Sunday morning? Okay, I can think of a few things, but it is good, right? And what could be better than vegan biscuits and gravy? Not much I say.

With Paula Deen’s recent announcement that she has Type 2 diabetes, so many people responded in jest. Others said it was a good opportunity for her to use her position as a “teachable moment.” I agree with the latter. We all have room for improvement, myself included. And there’s room for us to indulge in the dishes we love, but might not be the best for us, by making some simple substitutions to make them a little less naughty.

Make your biscuits with non-hydrogenated (i.e. trans-fat free) shortening instead of lard or butter. And use soy or another non-dairy milk instead of milk. Use vegetable broth or a vegan mushroom soup for your gravy in place of chicken stock. And replace a portion of your flour with whole wheat flour. All of these substitutions will make a difference in improving your health, yet won’t compromise the flavor of your favorite foods. So why not?

What’s your favorite Sunday morning breakfast and how could you vegan-ize it?

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