How do I love gardein? Let me count the ways

I’m not big on prepackaged foods. They’ve often overpriced, full of chemicals, preservatives, and sodium. I don’t have a problem with sodium. I’m a teaspoon of salt on everything kind of girl. But I know a lot of people try to avoid it. One packaged food that gets rave reviews in my kitchen though, is gardein.

Made with clean ingredients like pea protein, gardein has a taste and texture that closely emulates meat. If you don’t want that texture, it’s not the food for you. But if you want a plant-based food that’s hearty and flavorful, yet free of cholesterol, low in fat, and doesn’t cause any animals to suffer, give gardein a shot. I think you’ll like it.

We had the Buffalo Wings. The sauce is flavorful and has a real kick. I love spicy foods and to me the wings were pretty spicy.

With the Super Bowl coming up more chicken wings will be consumed than any other day of the year.  The suffering animals endure in order to provide a momentary palate sensation is immense. But with foods on the market like gardein that taste good, are healthier than chicken, and don’t cause a soul to suffer, there’s no reason not to eat them instead of meat. Go (vegan) team!

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