A little Big Apple in my kitchen

Do you like cornbread? Well you’ve never had cornbread until you’ve had cornbread from Angelica Kitchen in New York City. Angelica Kitchen on Manhattan’s Lower East Side has been dishing up organic, sustainable vegan fare since 1976. Wholesome and comforting, the food it serves feels good for your body even as you’re eating it. They do many things well, but the must-have menu item is their cornbread, which comes with the spread of your choice. I’ve never strayed from the miso tahini spread and have never been disappointed.

Dense and hearty, the cornbread could be a meal in itself. Their trick: brown rice, oats, and apple juice. Who would have guessed? Tonight we had cornbread, Angelica style and mushroom barley soup. That recipe came from another New York City favorite, Candle Café’s Cookbook. New York’s a great place to eat vegan food, but when you live thousands of miles away it’s fun to bring a little bit of New York into your own kitchen.

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